With three zero-days, it’s a patch-now Patch Tuesday for May – Computerworld

Microsoft released 62 updates on Patch Tuesday this week, with three zero-days (CVE-2024-30051, CVE-2024-30046, and CVE-2024-30040) forcing a “patch now” deployment guidance for Windows desktops. Adobe is back with a “Patch Now” update, while Microsoft Office, Edge browsers and Microsoft’s development platform (Visual Studio and .NET) can be dealt with using standard release schedules. 

Unusually for Azure updates, the Readiness team recommends particular attention be paid to an Azure Agent update (CVE-2024-30060), as it can affect corporate VM’s (associated with testing or development platforms). The team has provided an infographic outlining the risks associated with each of the updates for this month’s cycle. 

Known issues 

Each month, Microsoft publishes a list of known issues related to the operating system and platforms included in each cycle; the following two reported minor issues:

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