The best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals from every carrier

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 has been one of the most popular smartphones — as well as Samsung’s flagship phone — for several years. And while the device still holds up with most of the best phones on the market, it also now plays second fiddle to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S24. This, however, is good news if you’re looking for some savings, as one of the best times to purchase a phone is right after a new model is released. Deals are often pretty easy to come by, and that’s the case with the Galaxy S23 right now. We’ve tracked down all of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals out there, with huge savings available at Best Buy, Amazon, Samsung, and more.

Today’s best Samsung Galaxy S23 deals

  • : Get up to $525 in instant trade-in credit when you trade-in an eligible device.

  • : Get $100 in savings with a recent price drop plus additional savings when you trade-in a similar device.

  • : Get a Samsung Galaxy S23 for free (a $700 value) when you add a new line with Verizon Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan.

  • : Get up to $500 off via 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible phone on a qualifying Magenta rate plan.

  • : Get monthly bill credits toward a new Samsung Galaxy S23 when you trade-in an eligible device.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S23?

There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy smartphone models on the market right now, with the Galaxy S24 seeing a recent release and the aging Samsung Galaxy S22 still available to purchase. This can make figuring out where the Galaxy S23 stands by today’s standards a little confusing. But we find it to be a smartphone that’s worth purchasing, and we think it will remain such for awhile. The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the new kid on the block, and while it’s a great purchase, in reviewing the S24 we found it to be more of an upgrade than any sort of groundbreaking new release.

This means the Galaxy S23 still has a lot of life left in it. Its hardware contributes to this, as it was packed with Samsung’s fastest mobile processor ever when it was released. Also at the top of The S23’s feature list is its camera system. It’s a 50-megapixel camera for high resolution mobile photography, and it’s able to enhance low-light selfies with software that hasn’t changed much with the newest model of the Samsung Galaxy. All of this falls into the category of future-proofing; Samsung did a great job of making the S23 relevant today by making it such a leap in both features and performance at the time of its release.

And while the Galaxy S23 may have been considered a fairly pricey phone when it launched, because it’s a generation older now, it’s hitting price points that are much more reasonable, particularly when you factor in the deals mentioned above. Savings are pretty easy to come by with the Samsung Galaxy S23, and now and then you’ll be able to find a deal that will get you the Samsung Galaxy S23 for free. All-told, the Galaxy S23 is well worth purchasing at this point in time, as you’ll be getting a smartphone that not long ago was considered one of the best on the market in a price range that will suit shoppers looking for the best cheap phones.

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