Kodeco Podcast: The Power of Native Platforms (V2, S2, E11)

In this episode of the Kodeco podcast, hosts Dru Freeman and Susannah Skyer Gupta delve into native platforms and the implications of cross-platform development. Joined by experts Darryl Bayliss and Fuad Kamal, they discuss the sunset of Xamarin and the broader impacts on developers and companies relying on multi-platform solutions. The conversation highlights the pros and cons of cross-platform tools, with real-world examples from the guests’ extensive experience in the field.

Darryl and Fuad share valuable insights into the evolving landscape of mobile development, emphasizing the importance of staying adaptable and updated with native technologies. They touch on the challenges of hardware compatibility, performance issues, and the significance of having responsive and native-looking user interfaces. This episode serves as an informative guide for developers navigating the complexities of choosing between native and cross-platform development, while also reflecting on the future of technology and its impact on the industry.

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