Your iPhone could soon be your driver’s license (in Utah)

Apple’s iPhone has already replaced your wallet, keys, and flight tickets. Now in Utah, it is beginning to replace your driving license in a new pilot project.

What is happening?

The state is working on a mobile driving license (mDL) using a combination of technologies including NFC and QR codes as digital proof of ID. Holders of the license will be able to choose what personal information is displayed when the QR code is read, or NFC terminal tapped. This can be used in any situation in which you might be expected to present your driving license, including restaurants and bars.

Bluetooth verification is expected in the future.

The license will be made available to a limited number of people for a pilot program in June. Utah isn’t unique, by the way. The UK Driving Vehicle License Authority apparently began developing its own digital driving license in 2017.

What about compliance?

The Utah license complies with an ISO mobile ID standard. It has also been developed within guidelines developed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. It is being piloted within the GET Mobile ID app, which is available for iOS 12 or above. (For Android, GetMobile recommends Android 10 or later.)

There are some useful advantages. If you change your name, address, or license information the changes will automatically be pushed to your digital license — or should be.

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