One of our favorite Android phones just got its own iMessage app

Nothing Chats app on a. phone.

Nothing is trying to bridge the great blue/green bubble divide for Android users of iMessage. This is not a personal crusade to shatter walls and open windows, as much as Nothing CEO Carl Pei would want you to believe that. Instead, Nothing is piggybacking on tech created by New York-based startup Sunbird. 

Technically, the Sunbird app can be installed on any Android phone and it features a blue bubble for all iMessage text exchanges involving an Android phone. No more green bubble shame that could get you kicked out of groups for disrupting the harmony or even slim your dating chances. That’s how bad it is! 

Nothing is adopting the Sunbird tech and bundling it as its very own app under the name Nothing Chats. But here’s the fun part. The app only works on the Nothing Phone 2 and not the Nothing Phone 1. And this life-altering boon will only be bestowed upon users in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., or the EU bloc.

Chat bubbles changing color on Nothing Phone 2.

The app is currently in the beta phase, which means some iMessage features will be broken or absent. Once the app is downloaded on your Nothing Phone 2, you can create a new account or sign up with your Apple ID to get going with blue bubble texts. 

Just in case you’re concerned, all messages will be end-to-end encrypted, and the app doesn’t collect any personal information, such as the users’ geographic location or the texts exchanged. Right now, Sunbird and Nothing have not detailed the iMessage features and those that are broken. 

The Washington Post tried an early version of the Nothing Chats app and notes that the blue bubble system works just fine. Texts between an Android device and an iPhone are neatly arranged in a thread, and multimedia exchange is also allowed at full quality. 

However, message editing is apparently not available, and a double-tap gesture for responding with a quick emoji doesn’t work either. We don’t know when these features will be added. Nothing’s Sunbird-based app will expand to other territories soon. 

Sunbird, however, offers a handful of other tricks aside from serving the iMessage blue bubble on Android. It also brings all your other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, in one place. This isn’t an original formula, as Beeper offers the same convenience.

A person holding the Nothing Phone 2.
Taken with the iPhone 14 Pro Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to the busted blue bubble situation, especially since it’s a tech that it has so fiercely kept locked to the Apple ecosystem. But getting Sunbird blocked on technical backgrounds won’t be easy. FastCompany reports that Sunbird runs its own cluster of Macs in the cloud for authentication and message exchange. It also assigns each account to a Mac that is registered with Apple’s own database. 

But the ultimate solution here is not Sunbird, Nothing Chat, or any cross-device hack such as Blue Bubbles. As Google keeps saying, Apple needs to #GetTheMessage. In simple words, Google is asking Apple to adopt RCS to bridge the feature gulf, but that is unlikely to happen, even though the two companies are locked in deals worth billions of dollars on other playgrounds such as internet search. 

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