Jamf adds zero trust security to the Apple enterprise

Apple enterprise management company Jamf has announced its pending $400 million acquisition of zero trust cloud-based security company, Wandera.

Apple security with zero trust

Security remains of critical concern to the many enterprises deploying Apple equipment during the time of COVID-19, and as the mobile device management (MDM) services industry becomes more competitive, many providers are attempting to bolster services with security protection.

Arguably the biggest Apple-focused MDM provider, Jamf is enhancing its security story with this purchase. It will add Wandera’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) mobile threat defense and data policy features to the solutions it provides.

Wandera’s cloud-hosted protection has been designed to help teams work anywhere, any time, and on any managed platform/device. It’s capable of restricting access to sensitive apps and data from unsecured or infected devices and of making application access visible, which helps identify the use of unauthorized apps.

Zero trust is a buzz word in cybersecurity. The idea is that conventional perimeter security models create an illusion in which all users and devices inside the fence are trusted. That’s fine in principle, but in practice, anyone who gets inside the network can roam freely, spreading malware and exfiltrating data.

Zero trust is an approach in which every device is verified, key data and systems segmented, and network activity monitored to spot anomalous activity. It’s an agile model of security for a remote and distributed age that exposes threats within the permiter.

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