Apple’s October Mac launch event was shot on … an iPhone?!

Apple Scary Fast event end card showing the event was shot on iPhone.

Apple always talks a big game about the videography capabilities of the latest iPhone — and tonight it put its money where its mouth is. At the end of the “Scary Fast” event where it unveiled new Macs, Apple subtly let us know that the entire 30-minute video was “shot on iPhone and edited on Mac.”

The latter part isn’t surprising in the slightest. But shooting an entire Apple event — even a less-consequential one such as this — on an iPhone 15 Pro Max is frankly incredible. Though a lot of fancy graphics and editing magic is required to take the iPhone’s output and turn it into this level of finished product, don’t take too much away from the company — this is a nice flex. Even the superfluous swooping drone shots were shot on a phone — that’s dedication.

Does this mean that you and your friends could take a couple of iPhone 15s out and shoot a TV-worthy production tomorrow evening? Well, no. I can only imagine the number of people and amount of supporting gear involved with shooting even this product launch event with just a couple of scenes involved. I bet it required more than a simple 14-inch MacBook Pro, even with its powerful new M3 chip.

But it sure is a fantastic display of what the phone’s hardware can do if put in the right hands. There are a whole lot of companies that would kill to produce a product launch video as slick as the one Apple just did with its October Mac event, and Apple just did it with a phone camera. Kudos.

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