The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories of 2018

The Nintendo Switch is already an impressive home game console and handheld system, but it can do even more with these peripherals and add-ons. Check out the best Switch accessories you can buy.

The Nintendo Switch is a brilliant game system. You can dock it and play it on your TV at home, or you can snap its Joy-Con controllers onto its sides and use it as a handheld gaming device anywhere. It delivers on the promise of its unique concept, and comes with everything you need to use it, right in the box. That’s everything you need, though, and not everything you want.

The Joy-Cons feel comfortable whether attached to the Switch or with the included gamepad-like grip or wrist straps. Its 32GB of onboard storage is enough for at least a few of the excellent games released in its impressive first year. But you want more. A beefier controller. More storage. A faster network connection. An attractive carrying case. A better kickstand.

Well, we have you covered. We’ve gathered some of the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch. There’s something for everyone here, from a $ 5 metal tab that adds sturdiness and storage to the system, to a $ 150 handmade-in-America canvas-and-leather carrying bag, and plenty in between (we know a bag that costs half as much as the system it carries isn’t for everyone).

And if you’re wondering what to play on your Switch with all of these accessories, our list of over a dozen must-have Nintendo Switch games can get you started.

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